Before we get started

Alright, before you jump in, and try to learn java, You need to know how to compile and run your java applications. In the tutorials, the first few lessons are just using a text editor like notepad for windows. From the 4th lesson on, I found it easier to use netbeans. I will show you screenshots and give downloadable class files, so that even if you can't get your program to work, you have a copy that will.

One thing about java, is that for any library of classes, or any project, javadoc can be generated. Javadoc shows all of the methods, and classes, and whatever else you have in your classes, in a way that is more readable to humans. It is also better than looking through thousands of lines of code, just looking for one method. Sun, the creators of java, have actually documented all of the classes that come with java, not, for example, a class you made.

Creating javadoc is advised even if you aren't going to release this to anyone, because it might make it easier to develop if you actually can see all the methods and remind yourself what you might have done, or what a certain method was for. That reminds me, commenting your code is a good practice, because you might go a few months without working on a project, and not know what you did on the project.

Some little icons you might run into:

important.png This message is important. If you see one of these, you should really pay attention.
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