Write an introduction to the language here. It should have a little history, and where/who/why it was developed. Also include any languages derived from it, or that it was derived from.

Sample Program

Put a sample program here - keep it simple, like Hello, world or something. Note that C++, Java, and a few other languages can be color-coded by wikidot. If you're doing one of those, delete this code block and use the Code Block Wizard (The symbol that says Code with a starburst) to create a new one.

Useful Links


Put links to nicer IDEs and SDKs in this area. Be sure to have some free ones, if any, and possibly some professional (paid) ones as well.


Link to documentation. Possibly link to a Google search for that language.

Interesting Facts

Anything interesting. This area is optional, if you can't think of any.

Common Errors / FAQ

Write about common errors made, and have an FAQ. The FAQ is optional.

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