The Macintosh OS is one of the best known operating systems, although not one of the most used. Apple developed Mac OS for use on its desktops in the 80s, and has been developing the OS to this point. Mac OSs will only run on Apple hardware - while this is a slight disadvantage, it does mean that all hardware is supported and that Apple doesn't need to worry about any "Designed for Mac OS" problems.

Macintosh development is mostly done in a program called Xcode, which comes with every new Mac. If you want a more current version, click here.
Pros of Mac OS:

  • It works on any computer it installs on.
  • It has a smooth, user-friendly GUI.
  • Lots of professional music and video editing software is for it.
  • Up front, a brand new iMac costs the same as a brand new Dell Optiplex1.
  • You get cool ads!

Cons of the Mac OS:

  • You need to buy a new computer (Could be a pro, if it's from a company)
  • Software is predominantly for the Windows world, and a lot of Linux software is also not available for Mac. However, there are Mac versions of almost anything.
  • A whole slew of other things that could be expanded on later.
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