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All news items can be found here. Also, please read the rules before your post.
312by Mapar007Mapar007
16 Dec 2008 11:23Jump!
Introduce yourself here
520by jnesselrjnesselr
17 Dec 2008 01:35Jump!
Post any comments on the wiki here
1344by april (guest)
02 Aug 2012 07:29Jump!
Report any bugs you find in the site immediately. Any bugs could hinder the site.
Here you can talk about anything.
529by Helmut_pdorfHelmut_pdorf
08 May 2014 05:58Jump!
Post your most brain-teasing riddles or (math) problems here!
130by Timothy FosterTimothy Foster
07 Nov 2008 04:13Jump!
All about software projects
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Discuss ideas for future projects here
16by Mapar007Mapar007
09 Oct 2008 14:56Jump!
Work on community projects
241by Mapar007Mapar007
04 Feb 2009 12:47Jump!
Need help? Ask here!
672by jnesselrjnesselr
25 Jun 2009 18:20Jump!
Share your finished projects here
Share/discuss/work on projects related to a specific language
Language Problems
For problems with a specific language. This grouping changes as the number of supported languages changes.
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For help on the Microsoft-created language based on C++
For help on the language that's 1 up from C
18by IdanwinIdanwin
12 Dec 2008 08:57Jump!
Help for the language that's been the base for a couple other languages, including C++ and Java (in a way)
13by Mapar007Mapar007
23 Apr 2009 19:18Jump!
423by Mapar007Mapar007
26 Aug 2009 19:33Jump!
Help on the HyperText Markup Language can be found here.
14by SocksSocks
07 Oct 2008 19:51Jump!
For help on the new W3C language that almost everybody's using!
Whether it's VB.NET or TI-Basic, this is the place for help on Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code (BASIC) help
12by Mapar007Mapar007
26 Jan 2009 15:27Jump!
Assembly has so many different forms, so we had to split one assembly forum into two! This is for "Little endian"-based things (the processors Windows runs on, basically)
Assembly for the big endian processors.
Get help on the language named after Monty Python's Flying Circus
For help on Perl
Get help on the language with a recursive acronym (PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor)
12by AnticipationAnticipation
12 Oct 2008 12:03Jump!

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